Hi, I'm Melissa!

Thanks so much for being here. It is obviously the right time for you to find my services, to do something for yourself, or to give that gift to someone you love. I can’t wait to meet you and walk alongside you on your relaxation, self-care and healing journey, but for now here is a little about me.

I am a Perth based Holistic Wellness Practitioner who combines Holistic Counselling, Sound Therapy, Energy Healing and Meditation to help people relax and revitalise their entire being.  I work from a home studio in Yangebup for one-on-one sessions, and throughout Perth running events, workshops and retreats. 

On a personal level I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and family member. I love all things beach, art, camping, meditation, energy and sound. These things light me up, make my world stand still, and nurture me on a soul level. 

I haven’t always known this. Somewhere along the way, getting busy playing all the rolls I play, I lost who I was and  completely focused on taking care of other people. I forgot to take care of myself. I was ok with this …….. until I (my mind, body and soul) wasn’t! When I realised things needed to change I began my own healing journey, rediscovering myself, my passions and my purpose. I learnt to recognise and love myself in a new light. I moved through blocks, overcame challenges and grabbed the life I wanted and deserved. 

Don’t get me wrong, my life is still very much about taking care of others. It always will be, it is in my nature and is actually one of my purposes here on earth. The difference now is that I take care of myself, make time to nurture my soul, to engage with and listen to myself, to enjoy life and my many passions. This is not a selfish act, in fact I do this so that I have more to give to my family, friends and you, my clients. And it works!!!

My work is that of passion. Passion for the services I provide, the space I hold for others and for assisting others to relax, release and revitalise. Sound, energy work, meditation and the methods I employ in my Holistic Counselling have been a part of my life for many years, and it is because of the impact they have had in positively shifting my life that I wholeheartedly believe they can do the same for you (this and the research/studies that back them!).

Some of my many qualifications which support my work include a Bachelor of Psychology, Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Certificate in Holistic Counselling, Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development, Reiki Masters, Sound Massage (Level 1-4), Foundation Certificate in Integral Sound Healing and a Diploma of Education.  I have also completed training in Trauma, Behaviour Management, Grief and Loss, Shamanic Healing and Quantum Healing methods. I am a lifelong learner, who continually looks for new ways to grow on both a personal and professional level. 

My services support your relaxation, reducing your stress levels, retraining your brain and body to work at a more optimal level. They help you identify blocks preventing you from moving forward in a positive way in your life and assist in releasing those blocks so you can step into the you you want to be. Each service will help you to reconnect to yourself, your body, and bring balance and harmony to your life. 

In all of my sessions you will feel nurtured, safe and held, free to let go, relax and heal. No matter where you are on your journey in life you can change your frequency, raise your vibration and live the life that is calling you. 

It would be my honour to walk with you and watch your life transform. 

Much love,

Melissa xxx 

“Wow. I am speechless. Melissa is a powerful healer. She was able to shift deeply engrained energy. Energy I didn’t think could be shifted.” – Petah H, Margaret River

What an amazing experience. I felt like I was in a whole different level of consciousness. My mind was floating back and forward between different visualisations of past memories. Re-living various parts of my life. I felt so calm and at peace. Definitely worth experiencing. Leaves you wanting more.”¬†– Deborah M, Yanchep¬†